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Wealth Management Services

2260 West, LLC is here to focus on your wealth and investment management needs. We review all of your investment accounts to help determine an investment strategy based on your financial plan and/or goals. We constantly monitor your investment performance, determine asset allocation, provide tax efficiency in your investment portfolio, and make adjustments as your wealth needs change.

We can help with investment management needs, such as brokerage accounts, retirement accounts, college savings accounts, and business retirement accounts. As your wealth management needs adapt and change, we are here for you throughout that journey, providing wealth management solutions for any stage of life.

We offer:

  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Investment Management Strategies
  • Asset Allocation
  • Tax Management
  • Industry-Leading Technology
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Q: What Is Your Minimum Investment Size?

A: $300,000

Q: What Do You Invest In?

A: We have a variety of portfolio options depending on our clients’ needs. We invest in ETFs, mutual funds, individual stocks, bonds, and other investment vehicles.

Q: What Is Your Investment Thesis?

A: We are not day traders; we use a buy-and-hold investment strategy to grow your wealth over time.

Q: What Types of Investment Accounts Do You Manage?

A: We manage most investment account types, including brokerage accounts, retirement accounts, trust accounts, college savings accounts, health savings accounts, and others. Please reach out if you have any specific account you are curious about.

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