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We offer financial sessions designed for those with any financial needs.

Financial Consulting

For those not interested in 2260 West, LLC’s wealth management services or comprehensive financial planning, we provide investment consulting services on an hourly basis. Our team of CFP®s and investment advisors are happy to help you with your financial questions. Please contact us for information on our hourly rate. We are happy to assist with your financial needs.

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Q: What Is Your Hourly Consulting Rate?

A: $350/hour

Q: Is There a Minimum Number of Hours I Need to Utilize for This Service?

A: No

Q: How Often Can I Utilize Investment Consulting Services?

A: As often as needed.

Q: Do I Work With a CPA During My Investment Consulting Time?

A: No, this time is utilized with an investment management focus. If CPA time is necessary, please reach out to Patrick Casey & Co. LLP.

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